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Pontifical Mission Societies

New Agenzia Fides (Fides News Agency) Website

Created in 1927, Agenzia Fides (Fides News Agency) is the first missionary agency of the Church to inform and promote missionary activity.

The Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith established Fides to raise awareness of missions and promote missionary cooperation through vocations, spiritual communion, and material resources.

Agenzia Fides has launched a new website to continue its service of spreading news about Missio ad Gentes and maintaining a focus on the missionary life and journeys of the Church.

Connect with Pope Francis and His Work Around the World

“A Moment from MISSIO”, a mobile app from the Pontifical Mission Societies, features articles and messages from Pope Francis.

If you want access to MISSIO in every moment of every day – connected to Pope Francis and your mission family in every moment of every day – download the MISSIO App at this link.

Diocesan-wide Mission Rosary Group

Join now!

Join the Diocesan-wide Mission Rosary Group and help missionaries around the world with your gift of prayer.

There are no fees or requirements other than your personal commitment to prayer. You will join hundreds of other parishioners in praying for the spiritual needs of missionaries around the world. You and the Rosary Group Members will be asking Our Lady of the Rosary to intercede for them as they labor among God’s people with dedication and generosity. [Learn more]

A Story from Burkina Faso

When visiting Burkina Faso, I met Sr. Elvira Brown, a member of the Marianites of Holy Cross who has just arrived to help Bishop Kabore and Fr. Alphee (in photo) open a new parish. Recently, I asked about the conditions there because I know they depend so much on rain and while I was there, it had only rained twice.

Sister wrote: Our parish - Sainte Famille de Nazareth de Yalgo, was officially erected as a parish on Saturday January 14, and L'Abbe Clement Barnaba, who was with us at the Pacific Hotel, was installed as the Curie.

Bishop Kabore had told us to come in June as that is the start of the rainy season and it would be cooler. We came, but the rains didn't. The rainy season that should have been June - September didn't begin until the last days of August and ended very early in October and it rained maybe once a week during that time.

The farmers planted crops and they grew, but there was not enough rain so they did not produce enough to harvest. Most of the fields just dried up and never produced any crop. [read more]

Hear personal reflections on our faith and our call to be missionaries on a new website from The Pontifical Missions Societies of the United States.

Society for the Propagation of the Faith

In response to Christ’s call to “go and teach all nations”, the Society for the Propagation of the Faith supports the pastoral and evangelization programs of some 1100 missions in Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands, and remote areas of Latin America. This most important work relies on the prayers and contributions of Catholics through a monthly calendar program and through direct mailing appeals.

World Mission Sunday, celebrated in prayer and through financial sacrifice on the third Sunday of October annually, reminds us that we are all called to be missionary. It is the day that Catholics throughout the world celebrate and unite with mission priests, religious and lay catechists, as well as all missionaries, especially those from our own diocese, who offer their lives to bring the Good News of Jesus to their people in witness and through service.

The Missionary Cooperation Plan enables missionary communities and dioceses to visit parishes in the Diocese so as to foster love for, and awareness of, the missionary work of the Church and to make appeals for financial assistance.

Society of St. Peter Apostle

This Pontifical Mission Society supports mission vocations through the training of seminarians and Religious novices in the missions, as well as through support of seminaries world-wide. The primary focus is evangelization through education, and its efforts are supported through the contributions of clergy, religious and lay persons in the diocese, especially during the annual St Peter the Apostle summer appeal.

There is an average of 1,600-1,700 ordinations in the missions each year.

The Missionary Union of Priests & Religious

This Pontifical Society seeks to increase awareness of the Church’s worldwide mission among all persons engaged in pastoral ministry in the Catholic Church. This spiritual apostolate addresses itself to those called to bring Catholics to a better understanding of their baptismal responsibility for the Church’s missionary work — to priests, Religious, seminarians, pastoral leaders and those engaged in catechesis and religious education. [read more]

Missionary Childhood Association

More than 100 countries participate in this Pontifical Mission Society in order to bring the young of different cultures together. With its distinct mission of focusing entirely on children, and with its unique concept of children helping children, MCA serves the Church worldwide; in the U.S. with global awareness and prayer/incentive programs, and in poorer countries by providing spiritual formation and education programs, as well as nutrition and health development assistance. [read more]

Since the young should play an active role in making the message of Jesus known to others, MCA enables children to give children in poorer countries reason to believe in a better future. The teaching materials designed and provided by MCA ( are intended to develop a sense of kinship with children of all cultures. In so doing it is both hoped, and expected, that the next generation of adults will understand adequately the true meaning of a universal Church and the responsibility Christians of all ages have in going where the needs are greatest and providing for the poorest among us.

MCA is the official children’s charitable organization of our diocese

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