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Diocesan Mission Office

Dear Friends of the Missions,

The Diocesan Missions/CRS Office represents two very important organizations that support our missionaries and Catholic workers overseas: Pontifical Mission Societies and Catholic Relief Services.

The Pontifical Mission Societies include the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, the Society of St. Peter the Apostle, the Missionary Childhood Association, and the Missionary Union of Priests and Religious.

When you make donations to any of the Pontifical Mission Societies or Catholic Relief Services' (CRS) programs, you are directly touching the lives of so many people who look to us, their brothers and sisters in Christ, for support as they work to better their lives and the lives of their families.

Our baptism calls us to become "Mission-Minded Ambassadors" for Christ in everything we do and the Gospel sends us out to all nations for this purpose! And so, we join the "One Family in Mission" through our prayers and sacrifices. We unite our families of faith through "Global Solidarity" as we give of our time, talents, and financial assistance in our own parishes and to those in developing countries.

To help missionaries through the Pontifical Missions Societies, you might think of supporting the following:

  • Calendar Giving to the Propagation of the Faith (to make offerings all year long). Click here for a form to reserve a calendar for the new year.
  • Give generously on World Mission Sunday, organized by the Society for the Propagation of the Faith each October.
  • Mass Stipends through the Propapagation of the Faith (to have masses said for a loved one)
  • Missionary Childhood Association (allowing your own child to help others)
  • St. Peter the Apostle Society (to assist in the formation of priests and religious)
  • Lay Volunteer materials are available from this office for those who want to commit to missionary work for a relatively brief / extended period of time.
  • Provision of donated liturgical items to Maine or visiting missionaries based on availability and by request.

To help Catholic Relief Services, you might think of the following as a way of giving your support:

  • Raising Hope - Set up a CRS Raising Hope personal page to collect money for your bike ride or birthday, or take the lead when there’s a humanitarian disaster. [learn more]
  • Operation Rice Bowl (collection during Lent). Comes with explanation.
  • Join CRS's Footsteps in Faith and become a monthly donor. [learn more]
  • Encourage your Youth Minister at your parish to engage the teens in the Food Fast Program to appreciate good nutrition in our world.
  • When disaster strikes, you can trust CRS to reach the people on the ground in whatever country is in need with what they actually need because the CRS workers there along with their Caritas International Partners know what is priority.

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that The primary purpose of this office is that of evangelization and the mission ad gentes. As such, our role is to create mission awareness, and to encourage and promote, through prayer, education, service and financial appeals, a missionary spirit, missionary activity, and a commitment to evangelization among our diocesan staff, parishes, and schools. This office also promotes and supports CRS which is the official international Catholic relief and development organization overseas.

Ruth Oakley, Former Director, Diocesan Office for Missions / CRS
510 Ocean Avenue
Portland, Maine 04103-4936
Tel. 207-321-7817
Fax (207) 773-0182